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Tunde Baranyi e-mail: baranyi[at]tigris.unideb.hu or baranyi.tunde[at]epss.hun-ren.hu

Astronomer and Physics Teacher (1985, Eötvös University, Budapest) 
PhD  (1998, Budapest) 
Scientific research fellow of the Heliophysical Observatory  (1998-)

Research fields:  Solar physics and solar-terrestrial physics 
  • Sunspot databases, comparison and calibration of sunspot data
  • Debrecen Photoheliographic Data (DPD) and its extension with the revised Greenwich Photoheliographic Results (GPR)
  • SOHO/MDI-Debrecen Data ( SDD ) and SDO/HMI-Debrecen Data ( HMIDD ) space-borne sunspot and facular data
  • Geoeffective solar and interplanetary events and their effects
  • Sunspot group tilt angles
  • Statistical studies of solar flares
  • Flare prediction based on sunspot group dynamics
  • Statistical studies of sunspot groups and their evolution
  • Solar irradiance variations (effects of active region properties, sunspots, faculae)
  • Historical Hungarian solar observations
  • Recent projects: EHEROES (FP7), SOTERIA (FP7), ESA-PECS (No. C98017, C98081)
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