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2016-12-01 | New UI for the Observatory's Website

New User Interface is available for the Observatory's website based on HTML5/CSS3/JQuery techniques; with images, videos, facebook box, simpler navigation menu, few html link (more page into one page), css3 effects, responsive form for HD Mobile 720p/480p at the main pages to inform you about us, plus new themes also marked out (gray colored at the submenus).
  The data presentations and some useful data query form will open in new browser tabs, it is worth to use with tablets and desktops, not mobile optimized.
  Furthermore, the Heliophysical Observatory website has a new domain name from October 2016, because of movement of the webserver to the Konkoly Observatory, Budapest.

2016-09-14 | The Observatory in the area of the ATOMKI

Debrecen Heliophysical Observatory works at the headquarter of the ATOMKI at Debrecen. The publication of sunspot databases continues based on the space-borne SDO/HMI data and based on the observations of the cooperating ground-based observatories.

2016-01-13 | Observing facilities closed

The Director of the Konkoly Thege Miklós Astronomical Institute (Konkoly Observatory) and the Director General of the Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences decided to close the observing facilities and the buildings of DHO.
The main building (left image) of DHO was closed at the beginning of February enforced by the decision of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences taken effect on 28 April 2014. The Gyula Observing Station (right image) of DHO was closed in May.
The photographic telescopes were moved to headquarter of Konkoly Observatory at Budapest to be installed in a future astronomical museum.


2010-10-05 | SOTERIA 2nd General Meeting, 5-7 October 2010, Debrecen, Hungary

The 2nd general meeting of SOTERIA was held in Debrecen in the conference room of Hotel Divinus.
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SOTERIA - SOlar-TERrestrial Investigations and Archives

The SOTERIA FP7 Space project aims at creating a wide synergy in the fields of solar-space and geo-physics among different centers in a number of European countries to achieve a higher level of quality and accessibility for the space weather observational data and for the models. The annual general meeting reviewed the recent achievements of the SOTERIA members.


2014-08-29 | Visit to the Heliophysical Observatory in Debrecen

Date of visit: 2014. August 26., 12:00
László Lovász the president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Zoltán Szilvássy the rector of the University of Debrecen visited to the Heliophysical Observatory.
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