SOHO/MDI - Debrecen Sunspot Data (SDD)

published by Győri, L., Baranyi, T., Ludmány, A.

The production of data was done within the WP2(Photosphere) of SOTERIA(SOlar-TERrestrial Investigations and Archives) project (FP7/SP1-Cooperation/1, Nov 2008 - 31 Oct 2011). The aim of the related tasks was to cover the entire SOHO-era with the most detailed data of sunspots, sunspot groups and photospheric faculae derived from MDI (Michelson Doppler Imager) continuum images and magnetograms with a ~1 image/hour temporal resolution. The MDI data are available by courtesy of the SOHO/MDI research group at Stanford University. SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) is a mission of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

Data and Image Products: (All ftp) Additional tables: tilt angles of sunspot groups derived from SDD. Additional tool: MySQL query for SDD

Description of the rainbow-colored columns:

Graphical presentation of sunspots of the year
Selected original Level 1.8. full-disk images: Continuum intensity (fits.gz) / Magnetograms (fits.gz)
Processed enlarged full-disk images (solar north at the top): Contrast enhanced intensity images (jpg) / Magnetograms (jpg)
Sunspot and sunspot group data (see SDDformat.txt):
- Full-disk catalogue of sunspots (txt) / Catalogue of sunspots and sunspot groups (txt)
- Images of sunspot groups with numbering of spots (jpg) / Processed 16-bit negative images of sunspot groups (fits)
Facular data (see SDDformat.txt): Full-disk catalogue of continuum faculae (txt) / Graphical presentation of faculae of the year
1996 1996I 1996M 1996fd_jpg 1996M_jpg fdSDD1996 SDD1996 1996group_jpg 1996group_fits facSDD1996 1996
1997I 1997M 1997fd_jpg 1997M_jpg fdSDD1997 SDD1997 1997group_jpg 1997group_fits facSDD1997 1997
1998 1998I 1998M 1998fd_jpg 1998M_jpg fdSDD1998 SDD1998 1998group_jpg 1998group_fits facSDD1998 1998
1999 1999I 1999M 1999fd_jpg 1999M_jpg fdSDD1999 SDD1999 1999group_jpg 1999group_fits facSDD1999 1999
2000 2000I 2000M 2000fd_jpg 2000M_jpg fdSDD2000 SDD2000 2000group_jpg 2000group_fits facSDD2000 2000
2001 2001I 2001M 2001fd_jpg 2001M_jpg fdSDD2001 SDD2001 2001group_jpg 2001group_fits facSDD2001 2001
2002 2002I 2002M 2002fd_jpg 2002M_jpg fdSDD2002 SDD2002 2002group_jpg 2002group_fits facSDD2002 2002
2003 2003I 2003M 2003fd_jpg 2003M_jpg fdSDD2003 SDD2003 2003group_jpg 2003group_fits facSDD2003 2003
2004 2004I 2004M 2004fd_jpg 2004M_jpg fdSDD2004 SDD2004 2004group_jpg 2004group_fits facSDD2004 2004
2005 2005I 2005M 2005fd_jpg 2005M_jpg fdSDD2005 SDD2005 2005group_jpg 2005group_fits facSDD2005 2005
2006 2006I 2006M 2006fd_jpg 2006M_jpg fdSDD2006 SDD2006 2006group_jpg 2006group_fits facSDD2006 2006
2007 2007I 2007M 2007fd_jpg 2007M_jpg fdSDD2007 SDD2007 2007group_jpg 2007group_fits facSDD2007 2007
2008 2008I 2008M 2008fd_jpg 2008M_jpg fdSDD2008 SDD2008 2008group_jpg 2008group_fits facSDD2008 2008
2009 2009I 2009M 2009fd_jpg 2009M_jpg fdSDD2009 SDD2009 2009group_jpg 2009group_fits facSDD2009 2009
2010 2010I 2010M 2010fd_jpg 2010M_jpg fdSDD2010 SDD2010 2010group_jpg 2010group_fits facSDD2010 2010
2010 2010I 2010M 2010fd_jpg 2010M_jpg           SDD2010 2010group_jpg 2010group_fits               
2011 2011I 2011M 2011fd_jpg 2011M_jpg           SDD2011 2011group_jpg 2011group_fits               

SOHO | Solar and Heliospheric Observatory - satellite based data
Format of the SOHO/MDI - Debrecen Sunspot Data (SDD) catalogue ››

DATA POLICY: If the SDD data or any related on-line tools are used in any publications, please refer to these papers:
Baranyi, T., Győri, L., Ludmány, A., On-line Tools for Solar Data Compiled at the Debrecen Observatory and their Extensions with the Greenwich Sunspot Data, Solar Physics, 291, 3081-3102, 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s11207-016-0930-1
If the SDD tilt angle data are used in any publications, please also refer to this paper:
Baranyi, T.: 2015, Comparison of Debrecen and Mount Wilson/Kodaikanal sunspot group tilt angles and the Joy's law, MNRAS, 447, (4): 1857-1865, DOI:10.1093/mnras/stu2572

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 218816. The EC contribution to the costs of the SDD project was 75%, 10% of the costs was supported by National Development Agency (Nemzeti Fejlesztési Ügynökség) under grant agreement n° BONUS_HU_08- BONUS_HU_08/2009-003, 15% was the institutional contribution.

Contact person: Tünde Baranyi (e-mail:baranyi[at]; Requests, comments, questions or bug-reporting are welcome.

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